Bunnies By The Bay Buddy Lamb - Kiddo

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Bunnys by the Bay Buddy Blanket in white makes a great baby gift. The kiddo lamb is one of the most popular deisgns, featuring a cute lamb.
This bye bye security blanket makes the perfect travelling companion for road weary little ones. Handy velcro strap on back to loop on car seats or strollers for safe and happy trails.

Sure to delight your little one's senses and give glad dreams, these security baby blankets provide both luxury and comfort. Each one is made with the softest faux furs, velour and satin. An infant sleeping in a strange place, away from mom and dad, or heading into unknown territory may often find comfort in a special baby blanket, also knows as a security blanket. Often used as a transitional object, security blankets can help soothe a young child and relieve tension and anxiet. Babies often hold these close to their face, so something comfortable is bes

Suitable from birth
Measures 11 inch / 28cm long (from top of head to base)