Tray Kiss You

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Pure white and pristine in its look, the whiteness defined by a simple line of yellow gold along the edge of the tray, and the face within holding words that could make anyone happy. If love and intimacy is on your mind and you just cannot find ways enough to hold it in your heart, this would be a beautiful way to convey it. Be it breakfast in bed or the morning cup you wish to share, an evening cup of coffee at the patio with some delicious cookies or simply have it around so that merely looking at it can warm your heart - this tray can do all f this and more. Infuse your surroundings with things simple but effective in their impact and the Tray kiss You should surely be high up there in preference. The ceramic tray comes with a diameter of 10 cm and a depth of merely 3 cm, making it easy to use around the house, be it to serve or to place as a decoration, both ways it will cross all expectations of usability and versatility.