Shower Cap Serafina

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Shower caps need not be boring but a glamorous accessory. This beautiful, and fetching design from Annabel Trends features artistic flowers and foilage against a blue background for an elegant and classic look.

A shower cap is a must have to protect your looks. Just got your hair styled, then pop on a shower cap to maintain the look and to reduce the risk of frizz from high humidity in the bathroom and while showering. You can also save yourself time by not having to towel or blow dry your hair, you'll be grateful next time your rushing out the door in the morning.

Your sure to find the perfect look from one of Annabel Trends new seasons designs. Made from cotton with a pvc inner lining they are durable, easy to clean, and the perfect travel companion. All designs feature quality elastic and are reinforced to prevent stretching. They are a generous size suitable for either long or short hair and even Australian Made!


quality elastic
cotton outer and waterproof inner
one size fits most
quick drying
Australian made
perfect for traveling
available in a range of fashion designs
presented in clear display box