SACHI Lunch Bag Llamas

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Getting your lunch to work in one piece?

Short of carrying an esky, it’s a tough job!

Unless you’ve got a Sachi Lunch Bag. These stylish bags have thought of everything. They’re fully insulated thanks to a food-safe EVA interior, so your lunch will arrive at its destination crisp and cool, and there’s also an extra pocket where you can place your cutlery.
The Insulated Lunch Bag Llama looks like a perfectly normal little tote, with the added advantage of a waterproofed exterior.

Taking a packed lunch is environmentally friendly, budget-conscious and now also super easy, thanks to Sachi!

Insulated Lunch Bag Llama features:
Designed in the USA.
Made from polyester, with a food-safe EVA foam interior to keep the bag's contents insulated.
Beautiful and elegant design.
PVA, lead and phthalate-free, with a leak-proof lining.
Keeps food and drinks chilled for a long period of time.
Fabric carry handles for easy portability.
Zipper closure locks in the freshness of your food.
Spot clean with a damp sponge.

Colour: Blue and White.
Dimensions: 18cm (w) x 22cm (h) x 25cm (l).