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The ancient art of folding paper has always been associated with mindfulness and calm - Buddhist monks introduced paper and paper folding to Japan in the 6th century and origami models were often incorporated into religious ceremonies. Fast forward 15 centuries, and the classic techniques of origami continue to fascinate and absorb - the folding and creation of three-dimensional shapes focuses people's attention and allows them some restful space from the constant noise and distractions around them. Wonderfold Origami is an origami box that taps into this restorative pleasure, giving the beginner all they need to create simple origami projects. The box contains an instructional book with 14 step-by-step projects to fold and 200 paper sheets from which to choose to create your own unique pieces. The 14 projects include a hummingbird, a hat, a box, a fortune teller and a star. You will find a little bit of inner peace as you fold each one.