KNIRPS UltraLightDuomatic U.200 Umbrella

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Ultra light - ultra slim - ultra stable.

The U.200 pocket umbrella is part of the lightest and most compact series from Knirps.

Due to the umbrella's slim dimensions when closed, it fits in any pocket, making it perfect for traveling.
With its reduced weight of 185 g, the umbrella can be taken anywhere without being too heavy.

The low weight is achieved by very light materials such as aluminium.
When folded, this pocket umbrella has a length of 26 cm, which means it can be stowed practically anywhere. The carrying strap on the handle also ensures effortless transport.

But the U.200 is not only ultra light, it also preposses the Knirps quality criteria. It has been tested in a wind tunnel and can withstand wind speed of up to 120 km/h whereby it is the perfect companion for stormy days.

Lightest stick umbrella with duomatic function ( 185 g )
Extra wide release button for convenient operation
Black frame
Compact and comfortable
Perfect for travelling
Delivery includes a protective cover in matching colour