Joseph&Joseph Clean Tech Washing-up Brush Blue

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Clean your dishes and get rid of the dirt and grime with Joseph Joseph's CleanTech Washing Up Brush and Scrubber.

Made from advanced and sturdy polymer bristles that allows you to easily drain and dry the scrubber quickly. Perfect for removing stubborn food stains on your dishes, trays and even on non-stick cookware.

Practical, durable and flexible for your everyday use and cleaning in the kitchen.

Includes 1x scrubber and 1x washing up brush
Advanced polymer bristles for easy draining and drying
Quick drying for better hygiene
Double-sided - soft and hard bristles
Anti-clog for easy cleaning
Easy to rinse clean
Safe on non-stick cookware
100% recyclable
Not suitable for use with knives
BPA free
Dishwasher safe. Place flat in dishwasher with the hard bristles facing downwards