ELK Dress Collage Print

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The Collage dress is a bold, free-flowing dress crafted using an original ELK print. This is one of Elk's bestselling shapes suiting many body types. Made from a lightweight sustainable material, this relaxed silhouette features a curved shoulder and exaggerated wide sleeve.

ELK Sustainable Preferred Fibre
62% LENZING? ECOVERO?, 38% generic Viscose

LENZING? ECOVERO? branded viscose fibres are produced using pulp, which is derived from the renewable resource wood as raw material. Lenzing purchases wood and pulp derived from responsibly managed forests and is certified to come from sustainable sources.

The manufacturing of LENZING? ECOVERO? branded viscose?fibres generates up to 50% lower emissions and water impact compared to generic viscose. According to Higg MSI? tools, CO2 emissions and fossil resource use are approximately half that of the industry average.

A special manufacturing system enables LENZING? ECOVERO? branded viscose fibres to be identified in the final product, even after long textile processing and conversion steps through the value chain.

The upper section of this dress is a lovely loose, flowing fit. The dress then moves into a straighter line down the body and so we recommend you take your usual size to ensure the style fits around your hips.

Approximate bust measurements (measured flat):
6: 55 cm
8: 57.5 cm
10: 60 cm
12: 62.5 cm
14: 65 cm
16: 67.5 cm
18: 70 cm

Approximate hip measurement:
6: 54.5 cm
8: 57 cm
10: 59.5 cm
12: 62 cm
14: 64.5 cm
16: 67 cm
18: 69.5 cm

Approximate length measurement:
6: 101 cm
8: 102 cm
10: 103 cm
12: 104 cm
14: 105 cm
16: 106 cm
18: 107 cm