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Town Talk Pearl Care Kit
The moist Pearl Tissues in this Kit will clean your pearls while the soft, microfiber Pearl Polishing Cloth will give them a lustrous finish. The kit is also suitable for cleaning soft stones and costume jewellery. The cleaning medium is a non-woven tissue moistened with an effective pearl-cleaning solution with a pH level of 6.5, balanced to pearls. The kit contains eight sachets and a luxury microfiber Pearl polishing cloth to dry the pearls and store them safely. The moist tissue removes cosmetic residues, body oils and perspiration that adhere to the surface of pearls, leaving them clean and glowing.
1. Town Talk Pearl Care Kit is the most complete pearl care kit available providing an effective cleaner and convenient storage.
2. The moist tissue provides a neat, quick method of sweeping away cosmetic and body residues that can accumulate on the surface of the pearls.
3. The pack is an ideal travel kit, convenient for maintaining the beauty of pearl jewellery while away from home.
4. Pearls can easily be damaged by other, harder stones if stored in the same jewellery box. The Cloth is the perfect solution to this problem whilst at the same time having a degree of cleaning effect.