BOOK Why do Pigs Roll in the Mud

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Why do pigs roll around in the mud? Is it because they just like being dirty? No, thats silly! Pigs do not have sweat glands to cool them, so they roll in the mud because the mud keeps them cool! Come along on a farm adventure and have fun learning the special things about farm animals that help them survive on a farm, because even though they have the farmer to help take care of them, they are on their own most of the time. We live on a wonderful planet full of amazing and fascinating animals. It seems no matter how much we learn about animals, they still manage to surprise us! In this book, not only will your child learn unique characteristics about their favorite animals, they will get to imagine them in silly and unexpected ways! As they learn about the animals, they will also learn about their different environments. Through an interactive format and lots of giggles, get ready to discover while having fun! (less)