BOOK 50 Fairy Stories

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50 Fairy Stories book includes the works of Lewis Carroll, Louisa M Alcott and Joseph Jacobs, brought to life with beautiful page decorations and captivating illustrations.
Each story lists a suggested reading time to help parents and kids plan bedtime reading. With tales of fairy friends, as well as hopes and dreams, this charming collection will be treasured forever.
Chapters and stories inside 50 Fairy Stories:
Enchantments chapter features The Maiden of the Green Forest by William Elliot Griffis
Children and Fairies chapter features My Own Self by Joseph Jacobs
Fairy Helpers chapter features The Phantom Vessel by Norman Hinsdale Pitman
Magic and Mischief chapter features Paddy Corcoran's Wife by William Carleton
Visitors to Fairyland chapter features The Fairy Cow by Jeremiah Curtin
I Wish, I Wish chapter features The Magic Pitcher by S M Mitra
An extract from My Own Self:
But he had not long been sitting there alone, when he heard a fluttering sound near him in the chimney and presently down by his
side dropped the tiniest wee girl you could think of. She was not a span high, and had hair like spun silver, eyes as green as grass, and cheeks as red as June roses. The little boy looked at her with surprise.
"Oh!" said he, "What do they call ye?"
"My own self," she said in a shrill but sweet voice.